What You Need

What do you need to get started learning with me? Pretty much just a harmonica and the interest.

The Harmonica
I recommend getting a Hohner Special 20 diatonic harmonica in the key of C or G. It’s around $35 and it’s a huge step up from the $5 cheapos – trust me, you’ll thank yourself.

The Interest
This is your instrument. Make some noise on it. Blow through it, draw through it. Slide right and left. Make some train noises. Cup your hands around it and flutter one of them to get a wah-wah sound. I’ll bet that as you blow and draw, moving left and right, you’ll start to find some simple melodies on your own.

We’ll add to that, but this basic sense of freedom is a gift you can give yourself. You don’t need me in order to start making music, or to start having fun. You can’t play a bad-sounding note on the harmonica. Mess around.

Possibly Technology
For Skype harmonica lessons, you’ll also need a computer, high-speed internet access, a webcam, and the free program Skype. More info on that here.

And of course, you’ll also need a harmonica, and the interest.