Looking for downloadable harmonica lesson videos?

I’ve begun production on a series of harmonica video tutorials, available for download here on They cost a fraction of my hourly lesson rate, and come bundled with a tab document, where appropriate.

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Single NotesSINGLE NOTES – $10
Video (58 minute MPEG4 – MP4)
E-Book (6 page PDF)
Audio Lesson (58 minute MP3)

Use your lips to play clear single notes!

Watch video preview.
Read full lesson description.

bending-300x298BENDING – $10
Video (45 minute MPEG4 – MP4)
E-Book (11 page PDF and TXT)
Audio Lesson (45 minute MP3)

If you can play clear single notes,
you can learn how to bend!

Watch video preview.
Read full lesson description.

BluesBLUES – $10
Video (40 minute MPEG4 – MP4)
E-Book (8 page PDF)
Audio Lesson (40 minute MP3)
MP3 Jam Track

Play the blues with clear single notes!
Bending is not required for this lesson.
Watch video preview.
Read full lesson description.


1) Desktop or Laptop Computer (PC, Mac, Linux – sorry, no iPad support)

My lesson delivery system is designed for students to download and save the video files to their own computers at home. At the moment, desktops and laptops are the best option for downloading and saving files from the Internet. You’ll receive links via email, and you’ll use those links to download and save the files. Download and save the files, using the instructions below, and you’ll be able to play them on your own computer as often as you like, even without Internet access. On an iPad, you can “touch and hold” to access a context menu and open a file, but it won’t let you save it, so unfortunately, this system won’t work well for iPads. A footnote for Android users, if you have enough memory and a user filesystem, an Android tablet may do the job, but for most users, a desktop or laptop will work best.

2) MPEG-4 (MP4) support

Not sure if MP4 (mpeg-4) video files will play on your device? Here’s a sample file link. To download, aim for the sample file link at the beginning of this paragraph, and right-click (PC), ctrl-click (Mac). A context menu will pop up, and you’ll choose “Save file as.” If your device doesn’t support MP4 playback, try performing an online search with your device name and operating system, and the term “MPEG-4 playback” to learn what’s possible.

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After you purchase a downloadable harmonica lesson video, you’ll arrive at a page with download links. You’ll also receive an email receipt with the same links. If on a PC, right-click the mouse on a link, and choose “Save As” to download. On a Mac, it’s control-click.

Remember, don’t just click the link in the usual way, since that will only open the video in your browser, it won’t download it to your computer. The links will expire after a limited number of clicks, but once you’ve downloaded the files to your computer, you can view them as often as you like.

After you right-click and choose “Save As,” give it plenty of time to be saved to your computer, since the video file is fairly large. Once the file has been saved to your computer, you can watch it offline.

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International Customers
I’ve listed prices here in US dollars, but when you make a purchase, your credit card or Paypal will be charged the equivalent amount in your own currency.