Single Notes (Downloadable Lesson)

Use your lips to play clear single notes!

single_notes_icon-300x272$10 Download Includes:
Video (58 minute MPEG4 – MP4)
E-Booklet (6 page PDF)
Audio Lesson (58 minute MP3)

Use your lips to play clear single notes!

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In this downloadable harmonica lesson, you’ll learn the pucker embouchure, starting with the basic technique, then building on it with exercises and simple songs. Along the way, we’ll also look at solutions to common problems everyone runs into when learning to play clear single notes.

Because this skill is so important for beginners and intermediate players alike, I’ve made an extra long video – almost 60 minutes – to cover a variety of single-note challenges.

Clear single notes open up a whole musical world on the harmonica! As you build your single note technique, you’ll begin to pick out individual notes in your melodies and chords. Your playing will become more like singing, and your feel for the music will deepen.

Want to learn to bend notes? First you’ve got to master clear single notes. Start here!

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