Blues (Downloadable Lesson)

Blues_Lesson_Icon_Tad_3$10 Download Includes:
Video (40 minute MPEG4 – MP4)
E-Book (8 page PDF)
Audio Lesson (40 minute MP3)
MP3 Jam Track

Play the blues, using clear single notes! Bending is not required for this lesson.

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Blues Basics
In this downloadable harmonica lesson, we’ll learn the basics of Cross Harp blues, using a C harmonica. We start with the blues scale and practice playing along with a jam track, learning to move around using both steady eighth notes and shorter phrases.

Easy Riffs Presented Visually
I’ll lead you through simple solos, and show you all the moves on an onscreen diagram in REAL TIME, so you’ll understand exactly which hole and breath direction to play. This split-screen view will also help you to begin building a mental map of the notes on your instrument.

Along the way, we’ll cover harmonica riffs from songs by Bo Diddley, Muddy Waters, and Sonny Boy Williamson II and learn to rearrange classic blues licks to create new phrases of our own.

Special Effects
While the focus in this lesson is on the blues scale, rhythmic phrasing, and clear single notes, we’ll also take time for special effects, including hand wah-wah, doublestop growls, and the classic warble or head shake.

Extra Credit: Bends
I designed this lesson so that 90% of the material could be played without bends, but what kind of blues teacher would let you go without a couple of bending challenges? For students who are already bending a bit, this lesson presents a full blues scale with all the bends and a classic riff that will build your bending skills on 4 draw AND help you with the notoriously tricky 3 draw bend.

If you love the blues and can already play clear single notes, this lesson is for you!

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